Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Calm the "F" Down!

You know you have said that to maybe your kids, your significant other, or yourself at one time or another.  When is the last time you said that to your body?  The trend in fitness is high intensity interval training (HIIT), and boy, does it kick your butt!  While training at a high intensity may give you that feeling of accomplishment because you are dripping with sweat and barely able to breath, have you considered calming your body down with active recovery to compliment your training?

Your mind is about to be blown:  balancing active recovery with high intensity training sessions can help to you reach your fitness goals even faster!

Straight from, "if you are taking five to seven Spinning classes per week, you should schedule one recovery ride per week.".  "Recovery rides actually increase your work capacity and can contribute to improved athletic performance".

How do you offer this type of training to your body?  At SCS, of course!  We have planned a special event Recovery/Meditation class on Friday, November 21st at 6pm.  Link to register.

We will ride to beautiful, relaxing, and restorative music all to candlelight for 40 minutes.  That is followed by 45 minutes of yoga with Laura.  

Even if you are not working at high intensities, this is a great way to hit the "reset" button on your mind.  We could all use that right before the holidays!!

We hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Spinning Is So HARD! I Could NEVER Do That!

No, you probably can't…if you think that way.  Many years ago, when I thought about trying out a Spinning class, I thought the same thing.  It took me about 3 months of being bored on the elliptical to finally drag myself into my first class and obviously, I LOVED it!

I understand how you feel!  But, I do not accept you underestimating yourself.  I do not accept your defeat before you have even tried.  I do not accept that you are allowing fear to determine your health and wellness "fate".

One of the many reasons that the Saratoga Cycling Studio is a huge success is how inclusive we are, no matter your shape, size, age, background, fitness level, etc.  Many clients are brand new to Spinning and fitness, and some have tried indoor cycling at another facility and hated it due to many factors (bad instruction, yucky bikes, unfriendly service, etc.).  You may fall into one of these categories, and that is very common.

I can't talk you into anything…I can't make you WANT it.  At the end of the day, you found this blog, you read through some of the posts because you are interested in what we do at SCS.

Take a deep breath, grab a friend, and we will see you on the bike.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Why The Scale Isn't Moving

As a person that has ridden the "weight loss rollercoaster", I can tell you that it is a long journey with many bumps along the way.  An important fact to remember is that this is an ongoing way of life, not something you can just focus on for a few days, weeks, or months.  You can achieve your goals, but you may not get there as quickly as you would like.  Here are some reasons that even with your hard work, the scale may not be moving.

You are stuck in the same old routine.  While you may be putting in the time at the gym, you may be stuck in the same workout or intensity, which will not change your body or move the scale.  As you become more fit, you must challenge your muscles with greater work to achieve results.  
Solution (s):  Make a trade during your strength routine by adding more weight for less reps.  Keep notes of where you started and your progress.  This will keep you accountable and get you some results.

You can't find the time to workout like you used to.  Did fitness drop to #9635251 on the priority list for one reason or another?  
Solution (s):  Go for quality, not quantity with your workouts.  We offer two, high intensity classes that are only 30 minutes a piece!  Knowing you do not have to "save" any energy for a long workout, give it your all!  Tabata Bootcamp and TRX Express will leave you dripping with sweat and seeing results  QUICK!

All cardio, all the time.  While raising your heart rate and working aerobically has a ton of positive effects on our body, you cannot discount how important strength training is.  That doesn't mean you need to give up your beloved Spinning classes, but balance is the key.  
Solution (s); Hand weights, resistance bands, TRX, bootcamp, those are all great ways to build lean muscle which burns more calories for you all day long!

DIET!  Oh we really have to talk about it?  What you consume is a HUGE part of moving the numbers on your scale.  You may be working out like crazy, but if your diet needs work, the scale is not budging.  
Solution (s):  We have all heard that phrase, "abs are made in the kitchen", right?  Well, it does have some truth to it.  You may be gaining muscle, but you won't see it with a layer of fat on top.  Try keeping track of what you consume, either with a free app on your smart phone, or a pen an paper.  You may be able to spot a pattern that does not serve you.  We all have unique nutritional needs, so I won't get into specifics.  Seeking out the advice of a registered dietitian helped me to lose and keep off my last 10 pounds!

Good luck!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How to Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Achieve Them!

We hate to admit it, but the holidays will be here before we know it and that means New Year's Resolutions will be made and broken.  This holiday season, how about we set some goals for ourselves and we actually make them happen?!  Here are some easy ways to go about it.

Specific:  Get out the paper and pen and write down exactly what you wish to accomplish.  Instead of, I want to lose 10 pounds, write down, I want to lose 10 pounds by January 1st.  The more specific, the better!

Measurable:  The goal of losing 10 pounds by January 1st is very measurable by stepping on a scale.  Another example would be to fit into your size 6 jeans.  If you can zip them, you did it!

Achievable:  Losing 10 pounds by January 1st should be pretty achievable if you start today in most cases.  Saying you want to lose 100 pounds by  January 1st will most likely set you up for failure.

Realistic:   This goal has to matter to YOU!  Just because all of your coworkers have a plan to run a marathon in 2 weeks, doesn't mean  it is a relevant goal for yourself.

Time Bound:  Make sure you gave your goal a set time period for completion, ie:  January 1st in my example.

Monday, August 25, 2014

What to Expect at an Official Spinning(r) Studio

We are so honored to be able to be a licensed Spinning(r) studio through Mad Dogg Athletics, the creators of indoor cycling.  This means, our instructors undergo a Spinning Instructor Training before they step foot on our stage, our bikes are made through Star Trac (one of the most trusted names in the fitness industry), and we abide by certain rules of the road.

What we believe in:
Connecting mind, body, and spirit on the bike.
Using the indoor bike as an outdoor bike.
Giving you a safe, but powerful and effective training session.
Instructors that are trained, educated, and ready to kick your butt!
Weights, core movements, pushups being performed on the floor, not the bike.  This gives you more info on that.
Rides that are designed with Spinning Energy Zones(r) - strength, interval, endurance, race day, or recovery, all based on heart rates.
Making each and every rider feel comfortable, motivated, and accomplished no matter your fitness level, shape, size, age, etc.!
Free water, towels, fans, fruit, coffee, camaraderie, and smiles!
FREE Karma rides that give back to our community.

What you will not find at SCS:
Contraindicated movements like hovers, tap backs, isolations, pedaling over 110 rpm, pedaling under 60 rpm, push-ups on the bike, weights on the bike.  This is not safe or effective.
Rental shoes.
Unfriendly folks.

So, if you want a safe, effective, and fun workout where you will feel 100% comfortable, you found the right place.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2 Seconds, 1 Click, a BIG Reward!

Saratoga Today Newspaper is once again  posting their "Best Of" poll.  Please vote for the Saratoga Cycling Studio as the best "Fitness Center/Gym"!  We are up against some HUGE places, so every vote counts!!

Thank you!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

You Haven't Heard the BIG NEWS?

"It gives me great pleasure to announce that Angela Amedio has been selected to be a member of the Spinning ® Master Instructor (MI) team candidates for Mad Dogg Athletics. Angela will be participating in the Master Instructor Camp in Miami Florida at the end of May.
In case you’re not aware of what exactly a Master Instructor is, the worldwide Spinning® Master Instructor (MI) team is made up of 150 expert instructors with extensive fitness industry experience, outstanding dedication and exemplary knowledge of the Spinning program. Master Instructors lead instructor training and continuing education workshops at Official Spinning Facilities, conferences and special events throughout the world.
This opportunity for Angela is one of extreme honor, but also is an opportunity and benefit for the Saratoga Cycling Studio, as we will have our own MI right in our own Studio here in Saratoga!!
Congratulations Angela and good luck with your training!!"


I am so excited to embark on this journey!  Thank you all for your kind words and support!