Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How to Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Achieve Them!

We hate to admit it, but the holidays will be here before we know it and that means New Year's Resolutions will be made and broken.  This holiday season, how about we set some goals for ourselves and we actually make them happen?!  Here are some easy ways to go about it.

Specific:  Get out the paper and pen and write down exactly what you wish to accomplish.  Instead of, I want to lose 10 pounds, write down, I want to lose 10 pounds by January 1st.  The more specific, the better!

Measurable:  The goal of losing 10 pounds by January 1st is very measurable by stepping on a scale.  Another example would be to fit into your size 6 jeans.  If you can zip them, you did it!

Achievable:  Losing 10 pounds by January 1st should be pretty achievable if you start today in most cases.  Saying you want to lose 100 pounds by  January 1st will most likely set you up for failure.

Realistic:   This goal has to matter to YOU!  Just because all of your coworkers have a plan to run a marathon in 2 weeks, doesn't mean  it is a relevant goal for yourself.

Time Bound:  Make sure you gave your goal a set time period for completion, ie:  January 1st in my example.

Monday, August 25, 2014

What to Expect at an Official Spinning(r) Studio

We are so honored to be able to be a licensed Spinning(r) studio through Mad Dogg Athletics, the creators of indoor cycling.  This means, our instructors undergo a Spinning Instructor Training before they step foot on our stage, our bikes are made through Star Trac (one of the most trusted names in the fitness industry), and we abide by certain rules of the road.

What we believe in:
Connecting mind, body, and spirit on the bike.
Using the indoor bike as an outdoor bike.
Giving you a safe, but powerful and effective training session.
Instructors that are trained, educated, and ready to kick your butt!
Weights, core movements, pushups being performed on the floor, not the bike.  This gives you more info on that.
Rides that are designed with Spinning Energy Zones(r) - strength, interval, endurance, race day, or recovery, all based on heart rates.
Making each and every rider feel comfortable, motivated, and accomplished no matter your fitness level, shape, size, age, etc.!
Free water, towels, fans, fruit, coffee, camaraderie, and smiles!
FREE Karma rides that give back to our community.

What you will not find at SCS:
Contraindicated movements like hovers, tap backs, isolations, pedaling over 110 rpm, pedaling under 60 rpm, push-ups on the bike, weights on the bike.  This is not safe or effective.
Rental shoes.
Unfriendly folks.

So, if you want a safe, effective, and fun workout where you will feel 100% comfortable, you found the right place.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2 Seconds, 1 Click, a BIG Reward!

Saratoga Today Newspaper is once again  posting their "Best Of" poll.  Please vote for the Saratoga Cycling Studio as the best "Fitness Center/Gym"!  We are up against some HUGE places, so every vote counts!!

Thank you!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

You Haven't Heard the BIG NEWS?

"It gives me great pleasure to announce that Angela Amedio has been selected to be a member of the Spinning ® Master Instructor (MI) team candidates for Mad Dogg Athletics. Angela will be participating in the Master Instructor Camp in Miami Florida at the end of May.
In case you’re not aware of what exactly a Master Instructor is, the worldwide Spinning® Master Instructor (MI) team is made up of 150 expert instructors with extensive fitness industry experience, outstanding dedication and exemplary knowledge of the Spinning program. Master Instructors lead instructor training and continuing education workshops at Official Spinning Facilities, conferences and special events throughout the world.
This opportunity for Angela is one of extreme honor, but also is an opportunity and benefit for the Saratoga Cycling Studio, as we will have our own MI right in our own Studio here in Saratoga!!
Congratulations Angela and good luck with your training!!"


I am so excited to embark on this journey!  Thank you all for your kind words and support!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


"Donation Spin!"!  Once a week, we will be offering a class that is totally FREE!  We just ask that you kindly bring in a donation of whatever amount you feel is appropriate via cash or check.  This donation class will be offered at various days and times to give everyone a chance to donate to a worthy cause.  We will be fundraising for the Tour de Cure to stop diabetes in the months of April and May.  Our regular single classes cost $15, but your donation could be $10, $20, or even $100 if you are feeling extra generous!  You may sign up online to reserve your bike, but we welcome walk-in's also if bikes are available.

Keep an eye out for "Donation Spin" and pay it forward!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tour de Cure FAQs

You have heard the buzz around the studio about this amazing event.  It is the biggest fundraiser that we participate in every year.  Last year (our first year), we raised over $11,000 and had the largest indoor cycling team in Saratoga Springs!  We have a goal of raising $15,000 and we need your help!

When? 5/18 if you ride indoors at SCS.  6/1 if you ride indoors at the high school or if you ride outside.
Options? 1, 2, or 3 hours on the indoor bike.  Outside: 25, 50, or 100 miles.

Here's the deal, many folks, including children, are suffering from diabetes.  We raise money to help their fight.  We rode indoors at the Saratoga High School last year, but the instruction and bikes were not up to our standard.  We have chosen to ride indoors at the studio instead!  We have two heats: 7am and 10:15am.  When we reach capacity (which will happen soon!) the overflow will have to go to the high school, or ride outdoors.

Anyone can participate!  We have 3, 90 minute rides called, Train to Tour planned to get you ready!  They are $20 per ride and you can choose all 3, or just 1 if you like.  Proceeds benefit our Tour de Cure team.  You may sign up online for these classes by purchasing the "train to tour" classes through Mindbody.

Recruit your neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family to join our team!  Start fundraising today!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

$4.69 Per Class!

When purchasing a monthly (or 2 months) unlimited package at the Saratoga Cycling Studio, each class averages out to only $4.69, saving you, $10.31!  We pride ourselves in bringing you a superior product, without the inflated prices.  Water, towels, fresh fruit, excellent client service, well maintained bikes; you get all of this and more without it emptying your wallet.

Buy your package today!

Upcoming Events:
Last Tabata Bootcamp meets this Saturday, 8:15am
3/3, Tour de Cure Kick-Off Party.  Email: to attend!
3/18, Paint and Sip event to benefit our Tour de Cure Team.  Register HERE.
3/23, 10:45am, FREE Begin to Spin
4/10, Event at Blue Sky Bicycles to benefit our Tour de Cure Team.
4/26, Spinning Instructor Certification.  Register HERE.
4/27, 5/4, 5/10, Train to Tour Classes!!  Get yourself ready for the big event!
5/7, Event at Pin Ups Blow Bar to benefit our Tour de Cure Team.
5/18, Tour de Cure at SCS.  Join our Team HERE.
6/1, Tour de Cure for outside riders on Team SCS.